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"Puccini’s Tosca amounted to a quite magically wonderful theatrical experience"
"Bologna was excellent, marvelous opera"
"It was our first holiday with JMB, but I'm sure it won't be the last"
"We enjoyed a very good holiday with your company in Verona this year - it was excellent"
Thank you so much for your efforts on our behalf in respect of our most recent visit to Vienna. As you know we are great fans of this wonderful city and ardent admirers of the productions at the Opera House and to see Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro followed the next day by Puccini’s Tosca amounted to a quite magically wonderful theatrical experience. For us the brilliance of Mozart and the emotional drama of Puccini created for us a memorable operatic experience. Our seats on both evenings were just right, as indeed was the whole trip. You leave nothing to chance and we do thank you for making the real difference. unquote
Richard and Ann Barker

Congratulations once again to you and Karen for organizing such a magnificent programme for us all. It was three very full days but so very worthwhile. Every part of each day worked like clockwork and the family Hotel Kipping created exactly the right atmosphere. Though slightly away from the centre with the highly efficient transport system combined with the Coaches you arranged it never caused a problem. Even a Tram ride late at night on the last night after a meal out was an experience. Hans Wrege obviously runs a highly efficient organization and is quite a character. He called on us on three occasions. His tour guide Hans Dovermann was a fountain of knowledge and looked after us well on both days.

The re-built centre of Dresden was a magical place with the State Opera House the focal point. A magnificient building brilliantly restored. It was hard to imagine that under thirty years ago it was a pile of rubble.

The two Operas were a complete contrast. The Italien Girl in Algeria was absolutely superb. Beautifully staged and exquisitely sung. The stageing of The Magic Flute was a great disappointment. Far too many gimmicks and the attempt at a fantasy world fell very flat. Even the German audience found it difficult to comprehend.

As always the question is raised whereto next? Please advise me when you start to receive the programmes for spring 2009. I have an idea but will wait to hear from you. I feel we need to start the ball rolling a little earlier this next time. unquote
Mike Henry. Somerset

Thank you for arranging our last two trips. The Milan trip was fine and much Retail therapy done! The Opera was very disappointing, very modern with only a Huge blue cube on the stage and very slow. There were three intervals and after starting at 8.00p.m. when 11.00p.m. arrived and another interval was announced, we left. Excellent seats for which, many thanks.

Bologna was excellent, marvelous opera and warm sunny weather, a great two day break. Grand Hotel Baglioni as good as ever. unquote
Jennie Blythe. Gloucestershire

Mrs. S and I did enjoy the Spring Weekend in Prague. It was all so beautifully organised, with excellent tickets to the operas, and superb transport arrangements which made the whole difference to the evening. The guided tours were such an asset too: Irene was so full of information and enthusiasm, and we saw far more in a short time than we could ever have done without her. The Palace Hotel was first-rate, and the travel information beforehand was a great help.

Where we should have been without Carol Osborn I cannot think! She was so kind and efficient, and endlessly patient with our various enquiries. She had a magic way of turning up just when we needed her and was always so calm and unflustered. Thanks to her the group was a very happy one and we enjoyed every moment.

One day I should love to go to Vienna: do please keep me on your mailing list! unquote
Lady May. Dorset